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What is the user interface? Elements to take into account to create it

You need to know what is the user interface? also identified by the acronym UI and know the elements that you must have in mind to create it in a fast, practical, versatile and efficient way; discover it throughout the reading of this post, do not miss it.

What is the user interface?

The user interface is the means that allows us to communicate with our smart devices, computers, tablets, mobiles and more. It is what makes it easier for us to interact with them, to take full advantage of the advances of the digital age.

In other words, the UI or user interface is the tool thanks to which you can interact with a technological device; by covering all points of contact between the person and the equipment they are using.

It is possible to better understand this idea; If you take for example the opening of an email, what you do to have a software and operating system on your computer and simply by entering this platform and interacting with it, you are making use of your user interface.

Similarly, different web pages can be seen within which they have a user interface, surrounded by a lot of technology with increasingly intuitive and pleasant experiences during browsing.

Therefore, it is possible to affirm that all those user interfaces endowed with versatile characteristics make permanence and navigation through them pleasant.

Elements to take into account to create a user interface

A good user interface must have different key characteristics to guarantee the success of your projects:

  • First of all, its design must be simple so that it can be used in a functional and intuitive way.
  • It must have elements that promote its clarity, be it precise texts on buttons or names of its menu items, among others. In any case, the messages must be precise so that your user captures them quickly when browsing.
  • Coherence is a factor present in a good user interface, since it is achieved by giving the proper treatment to its fonts, language, images, colors, location of its menu, logo and tone of communication used.
  • Familiarity, so that the user interface you are creating is comfortable for your audience and maintains specific elements with which they identify and feel safe when clicking.
  • Speed, another decisive element in the satisfaction and permanence of users within your web page. A user interface needs to be simple, clear and especially fast to meet the expectations of those who enter the Internet.

The user interface, defined in a simple way with a set of commands, controls and sensory channels with which the person communicates with his team; it must be versatile, intuitive and friendly.

User interface types

In general, there are basically three types of user interface, classified according to their purpose and design, being them:

  • Hardware interface, which includes those elements designed to allow the entry, processing and delivery of data; such as screen, keyboard and mouse.
  • Software interface, which includes all the information on the processes and control tools accessible through the screen of the device in question.
  • Software-hardware interface, which allows communication between users and their equipment; by translating instructions based on a system of binary codes, which are transformed into actions or processes.

Added to this are classifications that help ensure optimal user interface content and effective communication, such as its graphic components, voice access, the quality of its texts, the intuitive interpretation of actions, and more.

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