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Posts published in “tools”, a versatile tool, a versatile tool in which you will find a wide library of very useful resources for professionals whose area of ​​performance is not specifically design, but who nevertheless want to create impressive, eye-catching, attractive projects that immediately captivate the attention of those who appreciates them.

What is in a nutshell?

Many professionals during the development of their work activities, face projects that require designs at any time; for which they can either seek advice from colleagues or hire the services of a designer, however some choose to solve the part of expressing their ideas through Images, designing them themselves.

This is where they find very useful, the library of tools and resources accessible to all those professionals who do not have design knowledge. offers the alternative to meet the needs of design enthusiasts who make large projects with very few resources.

Although it is a web within which a wide collection of essential tools for developers have been stored; These are characterized by being simple and easy to manipulate by those who have little or almost no artistic talent.

What resources will you find on

A library of resources has been created on this platform where you will find a little bit of everything, from photos, fonts, icons, illustrations, art, CSS, interface kits, videos of other inspiring projects, libraries and much more.

One of the characteristic features of this website is that its access is easy and intuitive; Just by entering this platform you will immediately find everything classified by categories that are linked to the original sources where these resources have been originally published.

By browsing this website you filter the type of information you are needing; you also have among its options the possibility of marking as favorites those resources that you consider may be useful for your project or send to a colleague those practical tools that may be useful in their work.

The primary orientation of is basically to serve as a resource library for web page developers; however, its content is applicable to many other fields and the best thing about it is that most of it is completely free, although it also has an open source. the platform for web developers

A web developer or programmer is a professional who writes lines of code within a previously existing design, to turn it into an online site visited massively by users.

In this sense, he is in charge of the technical aspects of his website, but he must also sometimes dominate elements of its design, to polish it to the maximum even if he does not know anything about this field; being precisely here where will help you to get ahead with your project.

In, as mentioned above, you will find tools and resources that will facilitate your work without being an expert in graphic design, and the main thing is that everything is very well organized there through keywords immediately recognized by web programmers.

As we all know, at a commercial level, apps or software have been created that facilitate and speed up the work of developers and programmers who do not have a specific preparation in the field of design; an obstacle that they will undoubtedly solve by accessing the resources of the library in a few steps.

Another factor in its favor is that it is not a complex software, but rather easy-to-use tools, with which you will greatly simplify the design of your website or entrepreneurial project.

With this you will make your site look really amazing; without having to hire the services of a graphic designer or having to take additional training courses to dare to change the appearance of your website.