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Tools and resources for non-artistic developers

There are endless tools and resources for non-artistic developers; precisely those who do not dominate the field of graphic design and yet are interested in transmitting their ideas through aesthetically appealing websites, with an adequate arrangement of images, textures, colors and more.

What is the job of a web developer?

The web developer is a professional who chooses a web design to turn it into an attractive platform for users on the Internet.

It is responsible for writing lines of code, using different programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, CSS, Backend and Fronted as well as HTML.

Although design is not part of your duties, you can approach it to complement your projects and adapt its aesthetic appearance based on your tastes and preferences, although it should be considered that this may or may not be your strength.

But the developer is also capable of creating good graphic designs, making use of intuitive and versatile applications; of which there is today a wide range commercially.

Tools and resources for graphic design enthusiasts

With graphic design, the visual representation of a brand’s strategy is achieved; therefore it is used even by professionals within the digital area such as programmers, developers, marketing specialists and amateurs who want to provoke a favorable feeling in the users who enter the web created by them.

Currently there are different applications and programs that facilitate the task of creating a design without necessarily being artistic; since they have intuitive tools and resources, within which with a few clicks, an entire user interface can be quickly created.

These programs are Sketch, Affinity, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign, Pixpa, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, Procreate, Clip Studio, Pixpa, and some others, plus the library of tools and resources, among others.

Although some of them are paid, you will always find trial versions for a limited time, within which to explore your artistic skills for design and give the website you are creating a personalized appearance.

There are programs that are frequently used in graphic design projects for digital marketing, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Grimp, Indesign, Canva, Fotojet, Fotor, Inkscape or Pixlr; that although you may need some experience for its manipulations, with practice you will undoubtedly be able to master them and polish the appearance of your web development.

How to approach design without previous knowledge about it?

In any of the cases, the main tool you should have is to have a powerful computer with good image quality; so that you can visualize in detail the design that you are creating and that in a few words it is a message that you are going to transmit to your audience through visual elements.

To bring a graphic design to life, you must create content that leads users to experience emotions, where they quickly grasp the idea that you transmit to them based on images, signs, texts, signs, and innovative and creative techniques.

That is precisely what it is about, as a non-artistic developer, developing the quality of using everything that is in your environment to beautify your site and make those who enter it want to stay for a long time; are interested in its content and want to return this satisfaction by interacting through its user interface.

Creativity is one of the skills that you must exploit; Well, it is precisely with it that you will highlight the qualities of what you offer in your web development; All the elements that make up the appearance of the user interface are important, whether they are their logos, images, texts, even the way of clicking on the access buttons; Do not forget to always be very original and provide versatility to your platform.

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